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Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future 2021

Skimstone Arts, Elders Council of Newcastle & Northumbria University presented

Monday 25 to Sunday 31 October 2021

Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future

A humorous and moving performance featuring original live music which explores where we might live as we grow older.


Meet Kathleen, an ageing rocker whose zest for life has taken leave along with her ability to make a decision about where to live. Should she change her home or things in it? Is it time to downsize? Is she too young for sheltered accommodation? Can Daz, her long term friend and former bandmate help?

Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future is a humorous and moving performance inspired by the latest research about national housing issues. Featuring live music and original songs it explores the critical decisions we make about how and where we live as we grow older.

Post Show Q&A and Discussion
Audiences were invited to take part in a discussion about housing, access to information, changes in policy and what you need to consider when making a decision about where to live when you or your loved one grow older. Hosted by Northumbria University and Elders Council.


Free post-show refreshments.


British Theatre Guide Preview

"Skimstone Arts closed the event with a bang - music, movement and theatre all in one with messages very meaningful to older people." Audience Member at Dance City Inspire Festival, October 2021

"It was very down to earth and real life. It was a real eye-opener and a lot of people go through this... I loved all the songs. The acting was brilliant." Audience Member, October 2021

"It’s made my day. What a fantastic and engaging audience today, clapping along with the songs…& asking if we are making a CD of the songs!!!"Audience Member, October 2021

"The way it incorporated the idea of surrounding community being part of our life picture. I loved the fact you can be contemplating your own age and health problems and still have your mum ringing you up!" Audience Member, October 2021

"Covered a wide range of issues delivered in a clear and thought-provoking and imaginative manner. Covered practical issues. Music and singing excellent... The political backdrop broadcast on radio was very good and pertinent." Audience Member 2021

"She was tremendous. Spot on! The live music put it in a different category; in the moment, fresh. Seeing it in a locality is better.  I thought about going to the city library, but I wanted to see it in the community and there wasn’t a performance in Cullercoats. Tell her to come to Cullercoats." Audience Member 2021

Autumn 2021 Tour Venues & Dates

Monday 25 October, 1.30pm
St Anthony of Padua Community Association, Walker

, NE6 3BT

Tuesday 26 October, 1.30pm
Newcastle City Library, Newcastle upon Tyne


Tuesday 26 October, 7pm
St Silas Church, Byker NE6 1PG
Tel: 0191 276 5005

Wednesday 27 October, 11am

Denton Burn Community Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE5 2UQ

Wednesday 27 October, 2.30pm
Robert Stewart Memorial Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 9BU

Thursday 28 October, 11am
St Martin’s Centre, Byker, NE6 2RJ

Friday 29 October, 4pm

Chopwell Community Centre, Gateshead, NE17 7HS

Friday 29 October, 7pm
Chopwell Community Centre, Gateshead, NE17 7HS

Tickets were FREE.

Sunday 31 October, 4pm

Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne
As part of Inspire Festival

Ticket charges apply

Suitability 12+


Creative Team

Claire Webster Saaremets, Writer & Skimstone Arts’ Artistic Director
Cristina Armstrong, Creative Producer
Dora Frankel, Choreographer

Joe Hodgson, Technician

The Cast
Claire Webster Saaremets, performer
John Pope musician/performer
Peter Saaremets musician/performer

David Stickman Higgins musician/performer

Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future was made possible with support from Care & Repair England, the Rayne Foundation, Bluestone Consortium, Well Newcastle Gateshead, Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, Garfield Weston Foundation and the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund #HereForCulture.

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