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We collaborate with communities to create authentic artworks locally, nationally and internationally.


We work together with (and call this co creating) diverse artists, individuals, communities, audiences that society has marginalised or made isolated, and celebrate talent and potential by creating authentic artworks locally, nationally and internationally.

We continue to build on strong relationships which we have established with our at-risk communities in Stockton, Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle as well as nationally and internationally with partners such as Radio GaMashie, in Ghana.

We are pleased to have members of our communities with lived experience on our

board of trustees.

See this is, the thing about Skimstone is, we would never normally see stuff

like that, you know in the circles that I go around yes I might, a little bit more,

but I would never normally interact with a band like that, I would never

normally see the plays or do any extra stuff like the recordings and things like

that, I would never see that in my normal life, which is where Skimstone

comes in to it, because then you get to see all of this, you get to be part of an

exhibition you get to meet new people you get to talk to a lot of people.

Community participant/co creator – Evaluation Report 2022

Communities we're currently working with:



In 2022/23 we worked with 292 beneficiaries and co-creators, with 40 volunteers, there were 222 freelance artist opportunities, and we reached audiences of nearly 3,500 people. Together, artists and co-creators originated 48 original artworks at the 185 sessions we held or at/for our 78 events. In our annual programme of activities and creativity, we work together to express what matters to each person - individually and collectively - seeking to influence social understanding, compassion and positive change.
Our Approach

We use a co-creation approach to be supportive to and actively engaging with regional, national and international artists and communities who are diverse and under-represented in our society.

Over the years we have developed a shared practice of creatively working WITH participants and refer to them as co creators, supporting equality and ownership. Ideas, themes, personal stories, creative skills and techniques eg song writing are created together in accessible community and cultural places.

Our 'create with us' approach emphasises how making artwork together shares a new lens on the world we inhabit; it increases engagement and visibility and produces work to provoke thought, ownership and powerful responses through social action.

Recent Projects Include:

Skimstone is like a second home for us, especially for refugees and artists, always proud to be working with Skimstone Arts, humanity important part of the group. I meet many people at Skimstone Arts, its talent and happy to be part of this group…” Ako Ismail, Associate Artist and photojournalist living with refugee experience.

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