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We produce an annual programme of events, exhibitions, touring performances, radio broadcasts and UNITY Festival.


We produce an annual programme of events, exhibitions, gigs, performances, radio broadcasts and UNITY Festival with our diverse artists and communities, exploring the themes of humanity and the environment.

We have three core areas of delivery:

  1. Our year-long programme of activities includes Holocaust Memorial Day, UNITY Festival and Refugee Week

  2. Our Young People’s creative programme 

  3. Our partnership and research projects

Our Activities

Skimstone Arts exists to support diverse artists, people and communities at risk of social isolation to create work with, for and about the world that matters to them. Our general aims include:

  • Creating a voice for our artists and promoting inclusion, collaboration, ownership and respect for anyone who has a social and political right to make artwork but may face barriers to do so. 

  • Making accessible touring theatre and site-specific performances, exhibitions and gigs that reflect current stories and themes relating to today’s cultural landscape, changes in heritage and identity, and we explore what we think about the world today. 

  • Being actively inclusive and opening up opportunities for all less represented groups including LGBTQ, those from different cultures and people who face challenges such as mental health, poverty and illness. 


We commission and co-create exhibitions with our communities working with partners to showcase authentic artworks to audiences.


We present free events throughout the year giving audiences the chance to enjoy live music, performance, arts, exhibitions, stories and workshops that celebrate humanity, the environment and positive social action.


Skimstone Radio was launched in 2019 to create more accessible opportunities to engage and reach new audiences. This free internet radio station broadcasts live programmes in response to our annual programme which are also available as podcasts. 

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We tour original and accessible performances to engage and empower diverse and intergenerational audiences shining a spotlight on issues around age, isolation and lived refugee experiences that support partners to influence changes in policy.


“...I believe this organisation continues to make a genuine difference to the people they work alongside, rather than simply alleviating the symptoms or current problems, they successfully do this by: continuing to champion the arts as away of giving positive recognition, active voices, opportunities to those who
have been forgotten, neglected, unpopular, addressing social injustice and isolation ... enabling groups to visit their accessible Studio space in the city ... and beyond.”
Arts Development Officer, Newcastle City Council

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