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We tour original and accessible performances to engage and empower diverse and intergenerational audiences shining a spotlight on issues around age, isolation and lived refugee experiences that support partners to influence changes in policy.


We make accessible touring music-based theatre and site-specific performances which reflect stories and themes relating to today’s cultural landscape and changes in heritage and identity, and we explore together what we think about the world today.

Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future

Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future is a humorous and moving performance inspired by the latest research about national housing issues. Featuring live music and original songs, the theatrical performance explores the critical decisions we make about how and where we live as we grow older. Originally created in 2015 and featured as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future has been developed and adapted in response to new research and global changes.

In 2020, in response to the pandemic and to make the performance more accessible to audiences, Doorbells: Covid 19 was developed and re-staged as a short film. It premiered as part of the Centre for Translational Research into Public Health FUSE seminar series and included two webinars with Q&A and discussion. In October 2021, a newly revised version of the performance toured eight venues across Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead engaging 200 new audiences. Each performance was followed by a short Q&A and the opportunity to take part in a discussion about housing, access to information, changes in policy and information to help decision-making about where to live when you or your loved one grow older hosted by Northumbria University and Elders Council.

We developed strategic partnerships with Elders Council, Northumbria University and Care & Repair England to gain relevant research and to support vital messaging around national housing issues. Performances, touring and film screenings of Doorbells have led to us finding new and engaging ways to provide information for audiences and to help inform and influence decisions about where they might live in the future.

Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future was created with support from the Elders Council of Newcastle, Care & Repair England, Northumbria University, Rayne Foundation, Well Newcastle Gateshead and the National Lottery via Arts Council England.

Recent performances include:

"The performance made me realise that I am not the only one struggling to cope with the issues highlighted in the play and that someone out there recognises the difficulties that many people are faced with. Thank you Skimstone Arts.”

Audience Member at
Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future

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