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About Us

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Our Purpose 

Skimstone Arts is a welcoming, safe yet risk taking charity, passionate about promoting equality and visibility in the arts and society. Established in 2007 by Artistic Director/artist Claire Webster Saaremets. 


Our Mission


Our mission is to support diverse artists and communities and those at risk of social isolation to create work with, for, and about the world that matters to them.


We produce and embed social action, equality and visibility in our;



We produce an annual programme of accessible live, radio and online events, with local, national and intonational communities for; regional UNITY Festival exploring the (themes of humanity and our environment), National Holocaust Memorial Day, and national Refugee Week.



We collaborate with co-creators, artists and audiences who are varied in their needs, lives and isolation to create authentic artworks locally, nationally and internationally


BANDS ...REALITY BOOTS (Young people), UPSTARTZ (Older people) SHIRLEY & The Gang (Refugee lived experience)

We support our Young Artists Collective and their band Reality Boots run by our young people’s Leadership Team. Our bands create and record original work about what they want to say about the world for our programmed events. Lead Musician supporting our young people is Peter Saaremets.



We work with regional universities, cultural venues and a range of partners regionally, nationally and internationally to create work that contributes to important research and invites audiences to think about and respond to arts and social action.


The process of hearing stories and working together with such a rich diversity of voices to create this work has been a very powerful journey. We hope that audiences are moved by our images, collage, poetry and songs which respond to lived experiences. 


Join us in being positive activists, nurturing and recognsing humanity and our living bring peace, respect and open hearts.

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To find out more about Skimstone Arts take a look at our Artistic Annual Report 2022/23. You can also read our Equality & Diversity Action Plan, Environmental Policy, Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults Policy and Lone Workers Policy.


"Skimstone Arts [is] a vital part of the cultural ecology in Newcastle... Everything they do has their core beneficiaries at its heart. Skimstone [is] uniquely placed to provide quality, long term engagements for young people facing multiple barriers to accessing arts provision. And they do it with such a sense of ambition and fun! Furthermore, it feels mutually respectful and there is always a sense that everyone is learning and growing together."


Jo Cundall, Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland

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