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Click on the Play button below to listen to our Radio Broadcast for Holocaust Memorial Day 2024.
Holocaust Memorial Day 2024Skimstone Arts
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Skimstone Radio is Skimstone Arts' very own community internet radio station. Easy and free to access we've used radio to share specially created music and spoken word, engaging stories and interviews for a number of projects including One Day Changes, We Cannot Walk Alone, The Open Page, Whispers & Shouts, UNITY Festival 2021, Who Holds the Torch? and Imagine Your Seat.

“Our radio broadcasts share hope, resilience, humour and humanness that celebrate the amazing inspiration we can get from each other’s positive actions, one day or moment at a time, and especially in times of hardship."

Claire Webster Saaremets, Artistic Director Skimstone Arts

"Thank you so much for asking me to be part of the event, I think you made something very important happen. I loved meeting and talking to all the different folk and seeing you in action, it's a very special thing you've got going. I hope you managed to appreciate what was happening while it was happening."
Steve Drayton, Co-Host of One Day Changes

Resent Broadcast:

A Night of Fear & Freedom - Radio Broadcast

Friday 26 January 2024, 12.30pm
Tune in to a special Holocaust Memorial Day broadcast on Skimstone Radio. Join presenters Claire Webster Saaremets and Ako Ismail around their campfire and listen to real stories and audience responses from the A Night of Fear & Freedom  exhibition and event.

A Night of Fear & Freedom is presented as part of the National Holocaust Memorial Day Programme and part of Newcastle City Council's Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2024.

"Hearing real stories from people was a very impactful experience... experiencing the emotional power of music and the thoughts it provoked when discussing important sensitive topics. It felt a very friendly accessible event." Audience Feedback." Holocaust Memorial Day 2024 Event Audience Feedback

Find out more about our projects and listen again via our podcasts:

Refugee Week 2022

Our Artistic Director Claire Webster Saaremets and Associate Artist Ako Ismail took a look back at our involvement in Refugee Week 2022. This is a chance to hear stories from performers with lived refugee experiences who were involved in creating the Minds of Healing Hearts, hear how audiences responded to our photographic exhibition One Day Changes featuring work by photojournalists Ako Ismail and Shahor Omar which was on display in Newcastle University's Long Gallery from Friday 24 June to Thursday 30 June as well as much, much more. This was originally broadcast on Tuesday 12 July at 12pm.

UNITY Festival 2022 Launch Event live from Brinkburn Street Brewery, Bar & Kitchen

On Friday 4 March 2022 at 5pm audiences were invited to join Claire Webster Saaremets and Steve Drayton live from Brinkburn Street Brewery, Kitchen & Bar to find out everything they would need to know about the Festival and how to get involved.

One Day Changes

Presented as part of Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022

Presenters Claire Webster Saaremets and Steve Drayton presented a unique broadcast featuring music from Skimstone Arts’ band Reality Boots and Ensemble band alongside film, poetry and spoken word to mark Holocaust Memorial Day live from Newcastle City Library’s Bewick Hall. Inspired by real stories, research and lived experiences One Day Changes explored how we can build a better future, one change at a time. 

Created with and by artists with lived refugee experience from Bosnia, Kurdistan and Liberia as well as Skimstone Arts’ Associate Artists and Young Artist Collective One Day Changes examined how humanity can share understanding, care and support that positively affects people’s traumatic lives.

We Cannot Walk Alone
Presented as part of Refugee Week 2021

Claire Webster Saaremets and Kema Sikazwe welcomed audiences live via Zoom to take part in a free interactive journey of discovery to explore songs, stories, spoken word and soundscapes created by diverse communities in response to We Cannot Walk Alone the theme for Refugee Week 2021.

The Open Page

On Tuesday 7 June 2021 at 12.30pm The Open Page shared songs, stories, spoken word pieces and poems inspired by narratives about the importance of learning and higher education opportunities for the diversity of communities including Gypsy, Roma, Traveller, Showmen and Boater (GTRSB) communities.

Whispers & Shouts

Whispers & Shouts was a collaborative project between Durham University and Skimstone Arts celebrating and exploring stories about equality and diversity with staff and students which took place on Tuesday 30 March 2021. It was a chance to hear stories, poems, songs and spoken word inspired by staff and students at Durham University who have shared their experiences of working or studying at the University.

UNITY Festival 2021

On Friday 5 March 2021 at 5pm we launched the intergenerational and international UNITY Festival 2021 a music and story festival celebrating community, nature and social action with a Festival Launch Party on Skimstone Radio

Listeners were invited to tune in and join presenters Claire Webster Saarements and Kema Sikazwe to find out everything they needed to know about the Festival and how to get involved.

Who Holds the Torch?

On Monday 25, Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 January 2021 at 12.30pm listeners were invited to tune in to Who Holds the Torch? three days of live 30 minute radio broadcasts shared via Skimstone Radio to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2021.

This was a chance for people to join presenters Kema Sikazwe and Claire Webster Saaremets and hear specially created songs and stories made with Skimstone musicians, Newcastle residents, refugee families, young people and artists from around the world which celebrated being a light in the darkness, the theme for this year’s memorial day as chosen by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Imagine Your Seat

Imagine Your Seat was an international and intergenerational radio show broadcast over three days in November 2020 to celebrate our imagined seats, where our hearts skip a beat wherever we are in the world. Imagine Your Seat was created after the success of Here’s Your Seat, a 42 minute film of songs, poems and photographs, created during lockdown with communities in Byker, Walker, East Durham and across the world, projected from St Michael’s Cafe, Byker and online in summer 2020.


Podcasts of these broadcasts can be accessed by clicking on the below link.


Catch up on all our previous broadcasts here

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