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We work with a range of partners regionally, nationally and internationally to create work that contributes to important research and invites audiences to think about social action, including local community partners, regional universities, national arts organisations and international artists.

As an organisation we have over 25 years experience of in producing, collaborating, performing, training, engaging and co-creating with diverse artists and communities in over 300 collaborative artistic projects and commissions, regionally to internationally with over 20,000 people. This activity has been supported through a diverse group of funders, stakeholders and commissioners.


Integral to our organisation’s development and growth is our commitment to partnerships that reflect the inclusive values of our mission statement, representation of voice and social action. Our partnerships and collaborations include regional to international enabling bodies for refugees and asylum seekers; ageing, health and wellbeing services and providers; academic partners including UK Universities and international knowledge sharing; music and performance venues and producers, as well as partnerships that enable our diverse young leaders to flourish and providing pathways for nourishing creative talents.

Recent partnership projects include:


"The work of Skimstone Arts is characterised by respect for people with lived experience and by a desire to support them in expressing themselves. FODI looks forward to future collaborations with this wonderful organisation!”

Stephen Newman, Chairperson, FODI Sunderland

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