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Tea Side, a Travelling Tearoom

Made in England film is a celebration of the artistic interventions between Skimstone Arts characters Rose, BiII and Alberto, and members of the public who shared tea and stories in the Travelling Tearoom.

Tea side and the Travelling Tearoom was part of the BBC/Arts Council England's National project Made in England. Skimstone Arts' performers created a distinctive and intimate theatrical experience in their cosy mobile tearoom where a world of funny, bizarre and poignant tales about what it's like to be in England were recorded alongside real-life stories.

Tea Side celebrates the sharing of a story, the value of interaction, a tea moment of intimacy, where art and the public have a true sense of equality, as the public become part of the construction of the artwork, exploring themes of what it's like to be in today's diverse 21st century England.

Audience  Feedback

"BBC Tees is delighted to be part of this project. People are sometimes uncomfortable talking about themselves and their sense of identity. In fact, it's very English to be reluctant to talk about Englishness! We think the travelling tea room will be an ingenious and creative way of fictitious stories to draw out real ones, And all over a cup of the fuel that powers the

English race: tea." Matthew Barraclough

"We are delighted to join forces with the BBC on Made in England, nationwide partnership with a compelling appeal. The BBC's wide-reaching distribution is helping us to achieve our mission of great art for everyone, using projects like Tea Side, a travelling Tearoom to enable people to explore their creative potential by working with leading artists."

Mark Robinson Executive Director, Arts Council England

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