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Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future Film Short 2019-2021

Doorbells: Dreaming for the Future Film Short 2019 – 2021

To make our live performance accessible, Skimstone Arts produced a film short version of the live performance which focused on the housing and support needs of:  

  • people who are ageing without children

  • older people who have primary responsibility for their ageing relatives

The film illustrated the themes and the main character, Kathleen, from the performance and was shot on location within the characters home. Original songs and soundscapes from the performances are all an integral part of the film.
Together with the accompanying resource pack, the film provides a legacy from the project in the form of a toolkit that can be shared and used more widely to facilitate conversations about how we prepare for decisions about our homes in later life.

Skimstone Arts and Claire Webster Saaremets collaborative work with Northumbria University and Elders Council about approaching housing concerns and research was published in Housing Voices publication 'Housing Voices: Using theatre and film to engage people in later life housing and health conversations' (HCS-04-2019-0011.R2) in Housing, Care and Support.

Audience feedback

It has certainly made me think “again” about if and when I need to move. However, I feel in the same quandary as the woman in the play. Partly because of the lack of good quality affordable housing.

Fabulous and thought-provoking performance (in the film). I’d like to think there will be housing to meet my needs and not just “one size fits all

All topics of today and single living because of age (older), bereavement, divorce, no children, financial… when life doesn’t work out as we all thought. A lot of this is so topical.... Film should be put out nationally.

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