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A Silent Thread


A Silent Thread unravels the journey of a sister and her adopted brother, a passionate musician and music teacher, as early stages Of onset dementia affect his personal relationships. Which friendships and family ties remain and which fall away? 

Inspired by true stories collected by residents of Blackhall Colliery, East Durham Dementia

Friendly Choir (which featured in the performance) this touching yet uplifting 50 minute performance with original music, explores how we stay connected to what we Love.

A Silent Thread Feedback:

"Very moving, brilliant portrayal of dementia." Audience Member

"Thank you for helping me understand my husband more." Audience Member

"We are very excited to be working with Skimstone Arts after the success of their 'A Silent Thread' residency which came to East Durham earlier this year. We look forward to building upon the pre-existing relationships that have been formed between our local communities and Skimstone Arts." Jess Hunt, Project Manager East Durham Creates

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