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David Stickman Higgins

David Stickman Higgins is an experienced musician, spoken word poet, actor and storyteller. His work explores issues about human rights, positive truths of Afro Caribbean identity and global identity.

David was part of Peace Procession2 in early 2019, performing at Newcastle City Library and Newcastle Civic Centre, and in 2020 is a member of the cast of Peace Procession3: Standing Together.

Speaking about the creation of the performance, David said: “I would gladly work with Skimstone Arts again because it allowed me to grow creatively. It was life changing…Meeting people who shared their stories – [it was] very moving to actually meet them when we had read the testimonies first.”

Claire Webster Saaremets, Artistic Director at Skimstone Arts, said: “I really valued the energy, artistic integrity, skill and commitment that David brought in the initial devising stages as well as to the whole project. Responding to the traumatic and courageous stories required sensitivity yet also vision for a universal voice, and working with David helped to create an initial structure of a piece that respected the key theme that we could take to the whole cast. Audience feedback stated that David was ‘ a compelling performer.’ I look forward to working with David again.”

David’s recent collaborations include working with renowned Brazilian musicians Airto Moreira, Fittings Multimedia based in Liverpool, and international theatre maker Hetain Patel. He embodies a multisensory approach, empowering communities of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to create poetry, physical theatre and installation.

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