One Day Changes Exhibition


Thursday 13 to Thursday 20 January 2022

One Day Changes Exhibition

Presented as part of Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022

Newcastle City Library


One Day Changes is an exhibition by Skimstone Arts Associate Artists and photojournalists Ako Ismail and Shahor Omar from Iraqi Kurdistan with lived refugee experience. Their images show how in one day something so dramatic and life-changing forces people, including children, who were leading normal lives suddenly to become refugees fleeing their homes, and become survivors looking for a safe place.


This beautifully captured, thought-provoking exhibition also depicts families affected by a chemical attack on 16 March 1988 by Ali Hassan al-Majid, a high-ranking Iraqi official in Halabja City, which killed 5000 people in one day, and how people continue to live with the tragedy that stays within them forever.


Hope is also shown in the images of children and their stories and the miraculous return of children lost to their families over 30 years ago alongside how people continue to survive taking one day at a time.

One Day is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022.

Also taking place as part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2022:

Thursday 27 January, 2pm

One Day Changes

Presented as part of Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022

Bewick Hall, Newcastle City Library


Join presenters Kema Sikazwe and Claire Webster Saaremets live at Newcastle City Library’s Bewick Hall, or tune in via Skimstone Radio, for a unique broadcast featuring music from Skimstone Arts’ band Reality Boots and Ensemble band alongside film, poetry and spoken word to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. Inspired by real stories, research and lived experiences One Day Changes explores how we can build a better future, one change at a time. 

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