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The Smell of Apples Film

The Smell of Apples Film

The Smell of Apples is a short documentary film created by our Associate Artists and photojournalists Ako Ismail and Shahor Omar. It tells the true story of Azad who survived the Halabja chemical attack which took place 34 years ago on 16 March 1988 during the closing days of the Iran-Iraq War.

This film is part of One Day Changes a unique collection of documentary photographs taken in Iraq by Ako and Shahor. The exhibition explores how in one day something so dramatic and life-changing can force people, including children, who were leading normal lives, to suddenly become refugees fleeing their homes, and become survivors looking for a safe place.

"This is such a powerful and moving exhibition - like a testimony of grief and life. And I can't evade our/my responsibilities for what has happened in this region over decades and more. So important that we welcome refugees and asylum seekers - as well as the other actions we can take. Many thanks to Skimstone Arts, Ako and Shahor."
Visitor to One Day Changes Exhibition, January 2022

One Day Changes was presented as part of Newcastle City Council's Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022. It has also toured to Pop Recs in Sunderland, St John's College at Durham University and Newcastle University as part of Refugee Week 2022.

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