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One Day Changes Event

Thursday 27 January, 2pm

One Day Changes Event

Presented as part of Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022

Bewick Hall, Newcastle City Library

"Powerful, simple, truthful messages in film, poetry, song and images" Audience member, January 2022


"I wanted to tell people about peace and working for humanity. I was a child and teenager in the war. I want to change things. I feel very good that you’ve helped me and everyone at Skimstone Arts to understand and make this film and exhibition." Shahor Omar, Filmmaker, February 2022

"Unless and until we get to hear these testimonies in unique and mesmerising ways will we learn, and once we learn we will say no... we must learn and in order for us to learn organisations such as Skimstone, it is absolutely vital for you to create the platform and the opportunity. I am very proud that this local authority, this city of Newcastle was able to sponsor you." Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Councillor Habib Rahman, February 2022

Presenters Claire Webster Saaremets and Steve Drayton* were joined by a live audience at Newcastle City Library’s Bewick Hall, and via Skimstone Radio and Facebook Live, for a unique broadcast featuring original music from Skimstone Arts’ band Reality Boots and Ensemble band alongside film, poetry and spoken word to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2022. Inspired by real stories, research and lived experiences One Day Changes explored how we can build a better future, one change at a time. 

One Day Changes was been created with and by artists with lived refugee experience from Bosnia and Kurdistan, researchers with Holocaust and childhood war stories, as well as Skimstone Arts’ Associate Artists and Young Artist Collective and explored how humanity can share understanding, care and support that positively affects people’s traumatic lives. Tickets for this event were FREE.

One Day was the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022. One Day Changes was presented as part of the National Holocaust Memorial Day Programme and was part of Newcastle City Council's Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022.​ This event was made possible with kind support from Newcastle City Council, Arts Council England, Garfield Weston Foundation, Youth Music, Wellesley Trust Fund and Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

*Kema Sikazwe did not co-host this event as he tested positive for Covid-19.

The Smell of Apples

The Smell of Apples is a short film created by Skimstone Arts' Associate Artists and photojournalists Ako Ismail, from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and Shahor Omar, from Kirkuk, Iraq, who both now live in the North East of England with refugee experience. This film tells the story of Azad who survived the Halabja chemical attack which took place on 16 March 1988 during the closing days of the Iran-Iraq War in the Kurdish city of Halabja in Iraq Kurdistan. The incident was the largest chemical weapons attack directed against a civilian-populated area in history, killing 5,000 people and injuring 7,000 to 10,000 more, most of them civilians.

One Day Changes Exhibition

Presented as part of Holocaust Memorial Day Events 2022


Anyone who joined this event at Newcastle City Library was also able to see images from our One Day Changes exhibition. One Day Changes was an exhibition by Skimstone Arts Associate Artists and photojournalists Ako Ismail and Shahor Omar from Iraqi Kurdistan with lived refugee experience. Their images show how in one day something so dramatic and life-changing forces people, including children, who were leading normal lives suddenly to become refugees fleeing their homes, and become survivors looking for a safe place.

Find out more here.

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