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Freeflow Creativity Cafe

Freeflow Creativity Café

Come and join in these friendly, FREE creative sessions.


10.30 am - 12pm every Tuesday from 13th Feb - 19th March 2024

at Shieldfield Forum Community Café Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1XU 26 Wretham PI, Shieldfield

5.30 pm - 6.45 pm every Thursday 15th Feb - 21st March 2024

at St Silas' Church, Clifford Street, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1DR

6x sessions exploring the theme of 'Our Home' writing lyrics, poetry and monologues, inspired by real stories and our own ideas, with Skimstone Arts' Claire Webster Saaremets (Artistic Director) and poet/performer Clare Matthews (Associate artist). No experience or booking needed. Just come along.


Works created will have the opportunity to be featured in our Skimstone Arts special Radio Broadcast and Live Events as part of Refugee Week (June) and UNITY Festival (October )There are also opportunities to take part in Northern Print workshops.


Contact Claire Webster Saaremets on 07803670654 or email for more info.




"As some one who has lost touch with their writing, coming into a space that is so welcoming and immediately feel at home and be made to feel that my creativity is really appreciated and understood is really a foundation for creative confidence. You can’t grow as a writer unless you have this community around you. Everyone here is so open.. so generous not just with their creativity but also their vulnerabilities. To speak about things that might be painful or experiences they’ve had that might inform the way that they see things, everybody really brings something different and it’s an honour to hear everyone’s stories and life experiences." Freeflow Creativity Cafe Member.

"Listening to the poems and what they mean, it’s the very cathartic because it reminds me we are .. holders of ourselves.. and our identity, so  hearing other people’s poetry, there is a self that can’t be taken away, and whether it’s in a rented house or favourite food, as someone who’s lost quite a bit, that’s so important.

It’s been very nurturing and hear people speak about where they are at in themselves, either painful or frustrating .. it’s still you. There’s a synergy and energy produced here, someone says something and you think I didn’t think of that. When I hear someone say something it is the poetry in it that is the energy." Freeflow Creativity Cafe Member.

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