Whispers & Shouts

Whispers & Shouts was a collaborative project between Durham University and Skimstone Arts celebrating and exploring stories about equality, diversity, belonging and identity with staff and students at Durham University which was shared during a special radio broadcast via Skimstone Radio on Tuesday 30 March 2021 at 12.30pm.

Presented by our Artistic Director Claire Webster Saaremets and co-presenter Jason Arday from Durham University, the show featured stories, music, spoken word and poems inspired by staff and students who have shared their experiences of working or studying at the University.

Whispers & Shouts promoted a clear commitment to ensuring and demonstrating a positive culture that shouts about inclusion, acceptance and value, and also addresses whispers of uncertainty and disempowerment.

Whispers are also the dreams that eventually reality shouts out, as diversity thrives and is celebrated across the University community.

Listen to a podcast of Whispers & Shouts now.