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Unity of Species

Unity of Species, by Skimstone Arts Young Artists Collective, was a multimedia exhibition exploring ideas about life and the ways in which people categorise themselves and everything around them.

Through the lenses of mythology, spirituality, sciences, the plight of the planet and the natural world, the artists have questioned ways in which the species connect, behave, thrive and deteriorate, whilst still acknowledging that differences exist.

Artworks consider: how specimens are displayed; reflections of inner and external empathy, enlightenment and social responsibility; commonalities or differences between species. The exhibition included photography, lyrics, poetry, installation and text.

Artist Kat Phillips-Buck said: “Unity of Species links my interests with the close connection I feel to the natural world- and species within it which are often overlooked by humans. This led me to draw, photograph and write about plants and insects especially. I hope to raise awareness that there can be beauty and human aspects in the looks and behaviour of almost any species on earth. I would like my work to help the viewer make new bonds with characteristics they may not immediately see in these creatures.”

Artist Nicole Davis said: “My work is a song which questions … do we really see kindness happening in the world? And how animals and humans help each other out when they are in need. It looks at how doing something so small can make someone feel better. We never look at things that are good in the world focusing instead on looks at how we can help each other when people or animals are having a rough time. It is currently a work in progress.”

Audience Feedback

“Excellent, extremely thought provoking. So much talent. Thank you”
– Audience Member

“Fabulous creative collaboration, I very much enjoyed the work”
– Andrew



First shown:

June 2018, B&D Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

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