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Underneath, Within, Beyond

Underneath, Within, Beyond

Inspired by the exploring the underneath and often hidden parts of plants in Preston Park Museum's Winter Gardens and our own stories and dreams Underneath, Within, Beyond is an exhibition and film that celebrate the beauty of growth in both humans and nature.

The exhibition was created with our The Sun & The Soul Company, a group from Sunderland and Stockton-on-Tees with lived refugee experience. Working together at Preston Park Museum we developed ideas and skills in photography, film, music, sound-making and spoken word. We experimented with still and video cameras to 'paint' photographs and used film and percussion to develop textures and rhythm that illustrated the complex and beauty of ourselves and the natural world. 

Underneath, Within, Beyond invites visitors to look more deeply at ourselves to ask what instant judgments do we make when only viewing plants or people from one perspective? How, whoever we are and wherever we are based, can we share visions of life journeys and our love of nature with each other? 

"When Claire heard my voice and she gave me a chance to speak, and we record, so she said my voice is very emotional. I think when I speak, I like poetry when I speak and I speak with my heart full of emotions and I try to feel every word." Amreen Member of Sun & The Soul Company

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