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Refugee Week 2023

Refugee Week 2023

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of Refugee Week. Taking place from 19 to 25 June, the theme for this year is what compassion looks like in action. It aims to encourage people to explore what we can do together to create a shared understanding of compassion which is extended widely to all.

This year, we were delighted to return to Newcastle University to share two exhibitions, Where Do You Sit? and Underneath, Within, Beyond, along with a new sound installation, Sanctuary of Sound, created by refugee and asylum seekers we're working with who live in Newcastle, Sunderland and Stockton.

'My grandparents were holocaust survivors. As I came into the room with this identity I was unsure what to expect. I have been blown away by how beautifully “Where Do You Sit” links Holocaust Memorial Day to our current world and highlights its relevance for people who are marginalised in so many ways. It does an excellent job of showing how we are all connected wherever/ whoever we are. Thank you' - Audience Member 



Sanctuary of Sound
Sanctuary of Sound took place in the atmospheric Arches at Newcastle University, where you could experience the collaborative sound installation created by The Resonators - a collective of people with lived refugee experience. The sound piece, which explores urban and natural soundscapes of Newcastle, was created with the West End Refugee Service, artist Martin Heslop and our Artistic Director Claire Webster Saaremets. Participants have been listening, capturing field recordings and writing to collectively compose this immersive piece.

Watch The Resonators on ITV as they listen to their sound piece.












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