Reality Boots

In 2013, members of the Young Artist Collective and Echo artists came together to create a new group, a band of passionate singular voices, all of whom had a unique experience and message for the world. These individual voices created strong artwork tied to their own personal experience, and when brought together as a band these voices harmonise, striking fierce chords of inclusion and inspiration.

That band is Reality Boots.

First brought together to investigate and interrogate the state of Young People’s rights internationally, the band knew they had a winning formula. The strength of this collective was each artists’ strong independence and skill, tied to their collaborative spirit: each bandmember was confident in their own voice, enough to be able to work with fellow artists to create a synergy of ideas, expressed through their music.

The message of Reality Boots is one of community and of working together to make change, and the band practices what they preach by pooling the considerable skills of every singer, musician and writer in the band to create excellent music with these themes at the centre.

Reality Boots has released two albums, Louder Than Words and Void/Evolve, and toured their music around the region, visiting schools and colleges to play to and inspire the next generation of young musicians. Reality Boots has also visited residences such as Kyloe House, a secure facility for young people affected by a multitude of issues, to ensure that everybody has access to creativity and art.

Louder Than Words was Reality Boots’ first album, a collection of work centred on the issue of Young People’s rights or lack thereof:

“It was a response to the rights that young people have or don’t have. We looked at the articles the UN had of Young People’s rights, and we discovered there were none. There were the rights of a child, and the rights of adults and one of the conclusions the group came to was that Young People are in a very unique situation, because you’re transitioning between the two. You’re not a child, but you’re not an adult either.”

Louder Than Words expressed the injustice of the non-existence of these rights through powerful lyrics and emotional music, to raise awareness of this issue and inspire their audience to take action.

Reality Boots’ second album, Void/Evolve, is a collection of work in a different vein. Although it still contains political themes (unavoidable with such a band), this album was an exploration of Reality Boots as artists. Louder Than Words was created with a theme as a catalyst, but it is in the void of a theme, that Reality Boots evolved. To write the tracks of this album, band members took more of an individualistic approach, still collaborating as a band, but on work centred around the personal experiences of single members. This became a real strength of the album: authenticity. The album includes songs created around real experiences of heartbreak, lack of motivation and young people’s mental health, relatable issues that feel genuine through Reality Boots’ voice. Also included in the album is The Ballad Of The Boot, Reality Boots self-described recruitment anthem, displaying once more their passion for inclusivity and their call for you to join in!

Reality Boots isn’t slowing down either, with a new album in the works aiming to work with the local community to amplify unique unheard voices, to discuss the overlooked issues people may be affected by, and express the experience of lockdown, and its effects on us all.

Reality Boots is a bastion of expression, a band that points out in all of their work: we all have a voice, and we all need to hear each other.

“We can do this.
You can do this.”

You can listen to tracks from Reality Boots here.