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Peace Procession 2

Skimstone Arts presents Peace Process-ion 2, a site specific 20 minute repeated performance that responds to stories we have collected from children of Holocaust survivors, and from Bosnian, Syrian and Roma refugee communities about being ‘Torn from Home.’

The performance responds to themes of human acts of kindness, bravery and resilience in times of human madness. It’s about finding identities, connections and hope in a new land and place.

Using live music, soundtracks, theatre and procession, Peace Process-ion 2 invites you to stop and look, reflect, or even choose to join the procession.

Claire Webster Saaremets, Artistic Director at Skimstone Arts, said: “Peace Process-ion 2 was a chance to listen to new stories that matter so much today in our precarious political landscape, to learn about lives that really have experienced being ‘Torn from Home,’ and hear how people manage to survive, thrive, give and continue to live with the internalised trauma of experiences beyond many of our understandings.

“The responsibility of creating performances that spoke deeply to audiences sometimes kept me awake at night, yet gathering together a wonderfully diverse and skilled cast of performers from around the world and at different stages of their career, balanced by the energy and skills of the young Roma musicians, made this journey a credit to the collective passion and commitment to those stories.

“Audiences cried, returned to see more, celebrated the importance of being human, connected, and made pledges. “These performances must go further” was said by many… yes they must… and we will be doing everything we can to take Peace Process-ion 2 within and beyond the North.”

The Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Cllr David Down, said: “I am very moved by what I have just seen… it deserves a big audience. We can be vastly enriched by the diversity of communities that we have. I hope you are able to do more performances so that people across the city can be challenged or welcome you to be involved in their communities also.”

Skimstone Arts would like to give their deepest thanks to all those who shared such powerful stories, including Smajo Beso, Balsam Ahmed and Marta Josephs, and to our diverse cast, which enabled us to create this work.

Audience feedback

“The performance was incredibly moving. I think you’ve done an amazing job and the whole team as well, it was just incredible. The words, songs, music. It was so personal, humane, so detailed and I don’t mean that because you interviewed me at all. I was left speechless and an emotional wreck on both occasions. I think it tells a very important message and you need to get this out to as many people as possible.” Audience member and story contributor.

“I thought that the performance made me think more deeply about the problems faced by refugees and in a much more immediate way by than watching the news, because the actors were directly in front of me. I also felt that the use of mime was excellent, as was the supporting music. Loved the clarinet!” Audience member.

“It was a privilege to watch it. I honestly thought it was amazing and very moving. The switch from the birthday party to the bombs, the train, the shootings completely took me over.”  Audience member.

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