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Michael's Map

Michael's Map was a partnership project between the University of Edinburgh and Skimstone Arts. It is based in a research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council held by Charlotte Clarke and Heather Wilkinson and in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation and Alzheimer Scotland (ES/L0T470X/1 — Inciting and disruption — developing participatory analysis of the experience of living with dementia and dementia care).


More information about the underpinning research is available at

We would very much like to know how you use this film and what difference it makes to you.

Please email to let us know or if you have any questions.

If you would like further information about Living with dementia, you should be able to get information that is relevant to where you are living from Alzheimer Scotland Or Alzheimer's Society branch or it's equivalent.

If you would like a transcript of this video please contact

Audience Feedback

"Particularly interesting to see this issue from early-stage and younger characters — often perceived/reported as solely an 'elderly' issue so thank you 'for broadening the scope."

"The film captured some very important issues e.g everyone can have dementia— Michael plays an instrument, drives a car.... he is not different to the rest of us. Also, the realisation on Jenny's face that she is now a carer' priceless. People do struggle with this change from being a wife/partner."


"Thank you for such a well-structured, well planned and thoughtful evening and a beautiful film. Well done!"

"Truly appreciated the film as it helped shine Iight on dementia as an important contemporary issue and explored by a substantial research in dementia that gets overlooked because of its academic frame. The film, therefore, Is a masterfully crafted piece of work artistically translating the research into something personal, relatable cod utterly moving."

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