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Menus of Life

As part of the Reaching Out programme Skimstone Arts took up residence in St Michael’s Cafe and worked with local residents in Byker, Newcastle, to make art inspired by the area.

Through this inter-generational residency, Skimstone Arts worked with people aged from 6 to 70 to explore ‘what Byker tastes like’ through sampling food and creating song, poem, photographic and film responses.

People accessing Byker Pantry Foodbank and children from the African, Sudanese and Newcastle communities all took part and the artworks were ’served up’ to a packed St Michael’s Cafe at a community event on 24 August.


Participant Feedback

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen happen in Byker. I’ve made two films and learned to play the keyboard for a song. When are you coming back?” Loretta, Byker resident.


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