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Let Freedom Ring

‘Let Freedom Ring’ is a mixed media exhibition by Skimstone Arts Young Artist Collective using photography, sound and music compositions, creative writing and live performances inspired by Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s speech at Newcastle University in 1967.

The exhibition explores our response to social and political issues such as the refugee crisis, Brexit and gender and what it means to be free, valued, recognised and respected in our city and our world today.

How far has our world changed and progressed positively in 50 years since Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s speech?

Individual artists within this exhibition have used personal narratives, interviews and inspiration from exhibitions such as ‘Disappearance at Sea’ at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

All the artists involved also took part in a week long artist in residence programme supported by Arts Council Elevate with professional artists at Skimstone Arts, to develop, stimulate and share responses to the key theme of freedom and further develop their artistic practice.

‘Let Freedom Ring’ has been specially commissioned by Juice Festival.

Audience Feedback

‘I was very impressed and moved by what I thought was an excellent performance by all artists. The lyrics were beautiful and so relevant to many of the pressing issues our humanity faces today…. when they started performing one could only note their incredible passion… and they put their hearts and souls into the pieces they performed. The exhibition was world class.’ Balsam Ahmed, Specialty Registrar in Public Health 

‘I thought Let Freedom Ring was amazing. I felt like I was part of something much bigger, and I could tell from the sincerity and feeling of the band and their words and songs and rhythm that this is something that reaches out to everybody.’ Audience Member



First shown:

14-19 September 2017, B&D Studios
18-21 October 2017, Great North Museum: Hancock
22-27 October 2017, Northern Stage

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