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Kev Howard

Kev Howard is a photographer based in the North East of England. Howard’s practice explores societal narratives including disability, body image, social justice and at times, challenges the effects of governmental policies on marginal groups. This is done through documentary photography, but also studio based still life.

Howards work reflects 21st Century issues through societal observation, can be challenging, but also reflects an honesty in his captures which are thought provoking, and are a reflection of what is happening in front of his lens.

His street based portraits capture the essence of the individual in their urban surroundings, a glimpse of their persona projected for the camera. There is mutual respect built between the sitter and photographer as they create the image together.

His work documenting protest captures the passion of the protestor, the comradery of the social shared experience and constant ebb and flow of emotion, from quiet reflection, to explosive reaction.

Howards most recent work has captured the effect of the social lockdown of the Covid 19 pandemic which has gripped the world. The series looks at the eerie emptiness of our towns and cities, void of people and traffic. The images set an uneasiness, and reflects the vulnerability of the human race to a microscopic virus, which brings home the delicate balance between the earth and humanity. These images capture history of a once in a lifetime event, one which has changed how humankind now reacts and interacts with the world around us.

Kev has joined the team at Skimstone Arts as resident photographer for We Cannot Walk Alone part of Refugee Week 2021.

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