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Here's Your Seat

Here’s Your Seat socially distanced event

A compilation of artworks created during lockdown has been projected from St Michael’s Cafe window, bringing together photos, songs, and stories created as part of Here’s Your Seat with residents in Byker and The Bostey in Walker, Young Artist Collective and Echo Artists.

Social distancing measures were in place to enable the audience to enjoy and view the projection in total safety.

Who coudn’t attend the event in person, was able to see the artworks and film (below) on Skimstone Arts’ Facebook Skimstone Arts Ensemble, Twitter, Instagram and here on the website.

Grab some pop corn, take a seat and enjoy!

Here's Your Seat Feedback:

Working with Skimstone Arts has been fun and diverse. The chance to talk and be listened to - that out of conversations blossoms creative work. With the songs, it feels like a natural process, it doesn’t feel forced. I feel proud of the work we’ve done together! It feels amazing to have written the songs.Byker Resident

I enjoyed the song ‘My Summer Day’. It told me how to leave my life and not to worry about a thing in life, just enjoy it. Not think about what other people say, just be you. You don’t have to be scared to be you .Audience Member

Byker is a really hard area to get anything off the ground, people are frightened to start anything new or different, I think it’s amazing how many people you’ve had in today.Penny Walters, Food Poverty, Byker

One of the thoughts that stayed with me after the session was that exhilaration the team felt at planning and carrying out a project at a time like that of the lockdown. I was wondering there is a great learning/ sharing opportunity there and wondered if you will be willing to co-write a paper. Dr Mihirini Sirisena, Research Associate, Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University

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