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Breaking Through


Breaking Through is a music performance and exhibition, created by Skimstone Arts’ Young Artists Collective and Echo Artists.

The artists have explored personal journeys of understanding resilience and strength, persevering through difficult times, and coping with social situations.

Breaking Through features original songs, photography and film and seeks to share how we break through barriers that may hold us back in life.

Watch Soul Flesh, a video work which featured in the exhibition, by Elena Valitova.

Audience feedback

“Stirring and inspiring artworks – what a talented group and what great projects.”

“This is a joy to behold – great energy, diversity, inclusive creativity and love in all the images. Keep on keeping on everyone!”

“Thank you for a wonderful experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and was truly inspired!”



First shown:

September 2019, B&D Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

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