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Big Dreams

Big Dreams is a celebration of work by young people at the Bostey where they have responded to questions such as: ‘What is important?’, ‘What makes you angry?’ and ‘What gives you hope?’ during their drop in sessions with artists from Skimstone Arts.

The young people have been creating performance, video, sound and animation art work that answers questions about identity, stereotypes and growing up in the North East today. They have also been creating mini magazines and origami boxes to capture their hopes and whishes, and send messages to loved ones.

“I found it really fun… Fun to work with the artists, working as a team.. ” – Young Person 

“It was enthusiastic in what we were saying, and it was true…” Young Person


Event: Wednesday 26th February, 7pm

The Bostey, Church Street, Newcastle upon-Tyne, NE6 3NG

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