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About Us

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Our Purpose

Skimstone Arts is established to advance the arts, particularly but not exclusively, music, drama, film and the visual arts, by the production of performances, plays, exhibitions, gigs and filming involving diverse groups of disadvantaged artists and communities for the benefit of the public.

Our Mission

At Skimstone Arts we support diverse artists and those at risk of isolation to create work with, for, and about the world that matters to them. We are one of the North East of England's leading charitable companies for inclusive arts practice and social action and have dedicated expertise in high-quality work co-created with vulnerable young people, older people, and refugee communities. We work in the sectors of arts, culture, well-being, health and personal heritage.

Our general aims include: 


  • Creating a voice for our artists and promoting inclusion, collaboration, ownership and respect for anyone who has a social and political right to make artwork but may face barriers to do so. 

  • Making accessible touring theatre and site-specific performances, exhibitions and gigs that reflect current stories and themes relating to today’s cultural landscape, changes in heritage and identity, and we explore what we think about the world today. 

  • Being actively inclusive and opening up opportunities for all less represented groups including LGBTQ, those from different cultures and people who face challenges such as mental health, poverty and illness to make work with us design out projects and become part of our governance.

To find out more about Skimstone Arts take a look at our Artistic Annual Report 2022/23. You can also read our Equality & Diversity Action Plan, Environmental Policy, Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults Policy and Lone Workers Policy.


"Skimstone Arts [is] a vital part of the cultural ecology in Newcastle... Everything they do has their core beneficiaries at its heart. Skimstone [is] uniquely placed to provide quality, long term engagements for young people facing multiple barriers to accessing arts provision. And they do it with such a sense of ambition and fun! Furthermore, it feels mutually respectful and there is always a sense that everyone is learning and growing together."


Jo Cundall, Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland

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