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Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond is a senior media leader with experience in the creative industries, and a deep interest in the arts and culture, which drew her to Skimstone Arts in 2017.

Sarah was an editorial leader at the BBC for 20 years in radio, TV news and online content. She is a former managing editor of BBC Radio Newcastle and of BBC Radio York.

Sarah was a BBC project manager and trainer in digital innovation, with the introduction of smartphone newsgathering around England. She worked as a stakeholder manager for the BBC in the North East and Cumbria, and as the corporation’s Senior Outreach Manager across the UK. She and her team brought Dementia Friends training to 150 BBC staff in Salford in 2014.

She is a trustee for ACE’s NPO York Museums Trust and an associate consultant with the Arts Council funded leadership programme Change Creation.

She works with the Royal Institute of British Architects in the North East and Yorkshire.