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Quinn Green

She/her They/Them

Quinn Green is a designer, digital artist, photographer and musician. For the last ten years they have exhibited numerous artworks, in different events and exhibitions across the North East including at Great North Museum, Newcastle Library, Gateshead Old Town Hall, B&D Studios, and has performed in the Skimstone Arts band Reality Boots, at spaces such as Sage Gateshead.

Quinn has been part of both albums by Reality Boots, as a singer-songwriter and pianist, writing and singing songs such as Evolve, Sonder and All in my head.

After retiring from performing, Quinn spent their time at Skimstone Arts, being part of the Reaching Out team as an Assistant Project Manager, and started out supporting Associate Artists, who were working with people in the communities around Newcastle. Now they mostly do design work as well as creating and recording songs for various projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award, became an Assistant Arts Award Advisor in 2014 and is now a Discover & Explore Arts Award Advisor.


In their spare time, Quinn runs an online emagazine for Pagans and Witches in the North of England and Volunteers at a Local Wildlife Rescue, looking after sick and injured animals. They also create digital art about topics they are passionate about and is fond of Wildlife photography.