Mariae Smiarowska

Mariae Smiarowska worked with Skimstone Arts in early 2019 on Peace Procession2 before taking on the role of Mama in the 2020 production of Peace Procession3: Standing Together.

Mariae is a Polish-American actor and singer, who trained with Ecoles Jacques Lecoq in Paris and with Song of the Goat Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland. Mariae collaborates with various artistic collectives including the Jubilo Foundation and IP Group in Wroclaw, as well as Theatre Sans Frontieres in England.

Talking about her role in Peace Process-ion2, Mariae said: “Performing in spaces open to the public, with this element of the unknown, was very interesting, and I really enjoyed the contact with the public. It was very powerful when we managed to reach people who were passing by and hadn’t necessarily come to see the performance.

“What was extremely special was that some of the people who had shared their stories came to the performance, and sometimes to more than one performance. This made the work come full circle and was really meaningful. Also, the subject matter is important and it’s great to reach people on a personal and intimate level with it, which this project succeeded in doing.”

Claire Webster Saaremets, Artistic Director of Skimstone Arts, said: “Mariae is a skilled and generous performer who brought a great depth of connection with the ‘Mother’ stories that flowed through each testimony. Her questioning yet absorbing analysis of text, movement and musicality alongside being an experienced collaborator, supported the diversity of the cast’s abilities to perform challenging and celebratory sections of Peace Process-ion2. Mariae worked with the challenges of site specific work as opposed to theatre settings with consistent professionalism.”