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Dr Liadi Mudashiru

Dr Liadi Mudashiru is a Senior Manager at Durham University with an international reputation, with strong background in geochemistry with distinguished track record of academic excellence. Dr Mudashiru’s expertise is in international higher education (HE) and a strong advocate for the internationalisation of HE, accessibility, diversity, widening participation and equal opportunity.


As a staff member of the Durham University Council (governing body and its Board of Trustees), Dr Mudashiru helps shape and develop the University, setting its strategic direction at the highest level of the University’s governance. Dr Mudashiru has extensive knowledge of International HE policy and a comprehensive understanding of the broader policy context within which Universities operate.


As an Independent Panel Member for the Foster Care Association, Dr Mudashiru is using his expertise to contributing to making a difference to the lives of children and young people.


Other expertise Dr Mudashiru brings to his membership of the Skimstone Arts Board of Trustees includes the following; expert evaluator for the EPSRC, European Commissions FP7 Programme, Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA), member of International Advisory Boards (IAB) for Universities and member of International Professor Project (IPP).


Dr Mudashiru is inspired by the extraordinarily creative Skimstone’s artistic work, its mission, philosophy, diversity, inclusivity and international dimension. I look forward to contributing and strengthening the internationalisation of Skimstone Arts and being part of its very exciting future.