Doorbells: Dreaming for the future

My home, my castle, my container, my prison? How do we imagine the future of where and how we live? Who will we live with? What can we afford? What will our lives look like and how will we manage?

This sensitive, humorous and moving film, with original songs and soundscapes, explores;

In today's world of supposedly connected social media, how do we cope behind our doorbells?

A short film screening followed by a post show conversation aimed at stimulating conversations about the decisions we make about how and where we live as we grow older.

The film is a commissioned work to provoke debate on the 'location' choices individuals and their families need to face as they grow older! It is based on the theatre performance with the same title. What people said about the performance...

The writing was well researched and finely nuanced as a performance piece...CIaire as a performer was able to portray intelligently the tensions between independence and loneliness, family commitments and making new friendships!

The commissioners should be very satisfied with the outcome!

Mark Mulqueen, Programme Director for WellNorth.

"It was clear to me that it had touched people in the room in ways they didn't think the subject could.

A captivating performance and the story, which I loved; Northem Echo, 2015